Teens Ages 13-18

Teens Ages 13-18





Our Time is a non-profit organization that has been helping young people manage the physical, social, and emotional impacts of stuttering since 2001. At Our Time, kids join a community of unconditional acceptance where they have as much time as needed to share their valuable voices.

Through comprehensive, cutting-edge programs, participants gain practical communication skills, validating friendships, and support from adult mentors. Programming is designed to ensure that all participants succeed: this nurtures genuine self-confidence that carries into their everyday lives. Participants develop a positive self-image and reduce their struggles with speech, empowering them to overcome their greatest obstacles and reach their fullest potential.


Our Time offers the following programs (click the name of program for more information):


Our Time is a program for children who stutter, ages 8-18. Under the guidance of adult mentors, participants engage in creative activities that help them gain confidence, communication skills, and a sense of community with peers. Our Time has locations in New York City, Westchester, Long Island, and New Jersey, and takes place from October - February in all locations, and October - June in New York City.

Camp Our Time is a sleep-away camp that welcomes children who stutter, as well as their young family members and friends, ages 8-18, from across the nation and abroad. Camp Our Time is located in Hendersonville, North Carolina and takes place in August.


Speech Therapy is a year-round program in New York City that provides comprehensive stuttering treatment, incorporating physical strategies to make talking easier, as well as education, reducing fears, counseling, and parent/family involvement. Our Time’s resident speech-language pathologist, Caryn Herring, MS CCC-SLP (who is also a person who stutters), provides consultations, diagnostic evaluations, individual therapy, group therapy, and resources for stuttering support. She also facilitates self-help groups, parent groups, and classroom presentations on stuttering. Caryn sees patients in our New York City location, and sees patients nationwide via Skype.


Leading speech professionals agree that stuttering therapy is most effective when accompanied by social support that nurtures a child's self-confidence. Speech therapy along with the social support Our Time provides is a winning combination that can maximize a child's speech goals and improve his or her self-image.