Stuttering Therapy for Preschool Children

Stuttering Therapy for Preschool Children


When a child starts to stutter, parents are often told "All kids stutter, it's just a phrase" or "Just give it some time.  It will stop on it's own."  While many children do recover from stuttering spontaneously, with no clinical assistance, approximately 25-30% of children don't.  Unfortunately, we don't yet know which children will continue to stutter and which won't.  There are however specific risk factors that can put a child at increased risk of persistent stuttering.  Some of these risk factors include:

  • Family history of stuttering
  • Gender (male)
  • Time since stuttering onset (greater than 6 months)
  • Other co-existing speech or language disorders 
  • Frustration with his/her stuttering
  • Consistency of stuttering

Research has shown however, that with early intervention an increase number of children will recover from stuttering.  Therefore, Our Time's aim is to provide therapy that gives each child the greatest chance to recover from stuttering.  

Therapy for preschool children starts with an evaluation, to asses the child's and family's needs.  Then, typically therapy is held weekly, for one, two, or three 30 minute sessions.  Therapy is centered around the child, parents, and caregivers, insuring adequate education, support, and counseling.  



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