LLLet Me Finish

LLLet Me Finish

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LLLet Me Finish is the official Educational, Anti-Bullying and Awareness-Building Program of Our Time.  LLLet Me Finish was founded by Saadiq Wicks, a 10-year-old person who stutters and Camp Our Time camper.  Through workshops, presentations, day camp programming, public service announcements, press releases and other social media initiatives, LLLet Me Finish hopes to raise awareness about stuttering and bullying and create a world that is accepting and patient to children/people who stutter.




The Goals

·  Educate and raise awareness about stuttering and bullying

·  Create local programs to support kids who stutter and their families

·  Help kids build their self-esteem and character

·  Raise scholarship funds to send kids to Camp Our Time


The Story

Mr. Wicks, now eleven years old, took it upon himself to found his own organization, LLLet Me Finish, to help raise awareness about stuttering and bullying, and to raise scholarship funds to send kids who stutter to Camp Our Time.  This remarkable young man has taken what he learned at Camp Our Time to heart: “Dream Big and Live Courageously.”  He created a t-shirt with his signature slogan “L-L-Let Me Finish,” which he sells to raise money for the organization.  Mr. Wicks has also been giving presentations at schools, awards dinners, and booking radio appearances, educating people about stuttering and spreading his anti-bullying message.  Stuttering is a communication disorder affecting over 68 million people worldwide, including 5% of all children.  Kids who stutter struggle not only with speech, but also with shame, discrimination, bullying, and social isolation.  

“As a person who stutters I’ve been bullied for my speech and I know what it feels like to be ridiculed.  It’s like your parents telling you that you can’t live in their house anymore. Imagine that?  I’m really excited to be working with Taro and the Our Time Family.  Together we are going to help so many kids here (U.S.) and all over the world!”
- Saadiq Wicks, Founder and Director of LLLet Me Finish

“Mr. Wicks is a tremendous person and we are all delighted and honored to work with him.  LLLet Me Finish and Our Time are a perfect match, and the joining of forces made sense to everyone.  Listening to Saadiq inspires us all to be better people.”
- Taro Alexander, Founder and Director of Our Time

For more information or to have Saadiq and LLLet Me Finish make a presentation please contact llletmefinish@ourtimestutter.org.


CLICK HERE to make a 100% tax-deductible donation, or send a check payable to:

LLLet Me Finish c/o Our Time
330 West 42nd Street, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10036

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Recent press about LLLet Me Finish!

Saadiq, with Our Time's Founder & Director Taro Alexander (left) and Our Time Board Member Paul Rudd
at Paul Rudd's All-Star Bowling Benefit, October 2012. Photo by Mikiodo.